ABI Contractors have been blessed to work with numerous partners with each and every branch of the United States military. We understand the many nuances and special circumstances of a military construction projects.

The benefits of hiring ABI Contractors for your next Department of Defense building project:

Our Team: At ABI Contractors, we pride ourselves on providing an excellent team to meet the demands of any job. We bring local talent who are able to come on base and get your work done quickly and with expert quality.

On-time: We deliver – on time. More often than not, our customers needed their repairs done yesterday and can’t afford delays. We understand the importance of your project deadlines and commit to completing them ASAP!

On-budget: When it comes to construction costs, there’s just not any room in the budget for surprises. It’s not cheap to protect and serve a nation as big as the United States.

Our Commitment: We take what we do seriously, and even more importantly we are grateful for those who serve! We have developed a strong reputation with military bases across the country and look forward to continued years of successful partnerships.